Sparsh Jain aims to help highways become safer
Sparsh Jain is a PhD candidate working for the Virginia Tech Transporation Institute (VTTI). Jain and his research team recently created an External Human Machine Interface (eHMI) that alerts “light vehicles” (which is any vehicle smaller than big vans or busses) if they are in a semi truck's blind spot. According to the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT), about 413,000 accidents occur yearly due to cars dwelling in the blind spots of semi trucks—roughly 39% of those accidents resulted in fatalities.
Some Photos Courtesy of Sparsh Jain
Ultimately, the group won $3,000 for their project at a regional transportation safety conference to help the eHMI’s advancement and to attend another conference in Japan—the 27th Enhanced Safety Vehicle Conference.
Though none of the group members are working on the eHMI to complete their doctorate, they are still tinkering the device, hoping to see it used on trucks in the future. Automotive agencies have been reaching out to Jain and his team in hopes of having the device installed and are currently attempting to get a provisional patent for their invention.
Looking ahead, Jain is set to graduate in December 2024 and “finally get [his] PhD.” After graduation, he wants to continue working in transportation safety but is unsure where he will end up. With his extensive resume, Jain says he could work for a pre-established vehicle manufacturer, the USDOT or remain at VTTI. Regardless, Jain’s heartful advice for those who wish to follow in his footsteps is, “Go with your instinct, try out a bunch of different things, [don’t] be afraid to make mistakes and fail… and always be curious and enjoy what you’re doing.”
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