This project was a New Story about F45—a spin cycle class taught by Virginia Tech students. I created this story to spread awareness about the courses students can enroll in at McComas Hall in Blacksburg, VA. I produced this by using a camera and tripod setup. Attached to the camera was a wired microphone to capture the best audio. 
An interesting discovery I made during the project was how quick F45 is. Just as advertised, you can get in and out of a spin class in 45 minutes or less, and they offer multiple classes a week to accommodate everyone’s busy schedules best.
A huge challenge I had when completing this project was working around everyone’s schedules. Attempting to coordinate when everyone could record was very stressful. With the scheduling conflicts limiting when I could finish putting the final video together, I’m surprised I turned the video in on time. Along with scheduling conflicts, some video participants were hard to get in contact with.
I will use what I learned from this project to plan my shots better as I continue my Sports Media and Analytics major. For example, if I cannot get in contact with someone for an extended period, I want to be better prepared to have backups just in case. Previous teachers I’ve had have always told the class to storyboard every production so you know what you’re looking for. Had I storyboarded this project, explaining my ideas to others may have been easier, ultimately getting the right people for the video.
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