This video was produced for the Delta Chi (DX) fraternity at Virginia Tech. This video aimed to persuade male students to come to recruitment events. I produced this video with Vegas Pro and Adobe After Effects.
Although I did not necessarily learn anything new about the fraternity while creating this video, I did see how well the organization's members get along with each other. People may have negative feelings towards fraternities and sororities; however, these members make the most out of their time together, and they also will do whatever they can to assist each other in acquiring a sound education.
While creating this video, I had difficulty deciding how to split up the footage and images sent to me. With not much content to work with—and having more images than videos—I had to make do with what I received. In the end, I think the video turned out very well. The one mistake I made while editing that I did not realize until I got close to the end was that I was editing in a 16:9 aspect ratio instead of 9:16.
I will use what I learned for this project to continue to create stunning online videos for any occasion. This was one of my favorite videos to work on for an organization. It was easy to contact any of the members to receive feedback on my creation. The members helping me create this also made it clear how they would like the video to look—which doesn't sound like much, but when editing makes it so much quicker.
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