Hello, my name is Jordan Parham, and I am from Woodbridge, VA. For those who don't know, my initials backward spell out "PBJ," which is where I got the nickname from. Welcome to my portfolio! Hidden in the tabs of this website is everything I’ve ever created and that I was the most proud of! It’s my reason for getting up in the morning and what I plan to do for the rest of my life. Everyone in the production industry has hopes and dreams of being a household name; although some cannot achieve that goal, I still have high hopes. My dream was always to bring joy to the faces of others—and never to die (since that was four-year-old me’s worst nightmare). I could fulfill both of these wishes through entertainment, and I’ll stop at nothing until I achieve them. 

If you want to learn more about me, my story, and everything in between, check out the ‘ABOUT ME’  page.
To see all my best photos, click the 'PHOTOGRAPHY' page. 
See the 'VIDEOGRAPHY' page for the best videos I've produced and recorded. 
To see the analytical graphics I've created, click the 'VISUAL DATA' tab. 
To see all my best stories (spoiler, its all of them), click the 'BLOG POST & STORIES' tab. 
For all my other works—from news features to album covers and even my best photos—head over to the ‘OTHER WORK’ page. 
Finally, to view my qualifications, feel free to use the 'RESUMÉ' tab at your disposal!

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